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This was only okay. We ate it, but it was too quichey and liquidey for our tastes. Next time we're going to try it with a LOT less milk and a LOT fewer onions. The onions were just overpowering and we didn't even add them all. Just wasn't a favorite at our house.

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ShortyBond January 03, 2011

Okay, after reading reviews I tweeked this a bit .. and a warning-I'm a bit of an unorthodox cook :) I accidentally had the oven at 415 degrees but it worked. I baked the crust for 10 minutes before adding anything in it. I browned the hamburger and garlic in one pan and for some reason put the onions in another, and then decided to add a package of taco seasoning to the onions. I put the hamburger and garlic into the crust and then put a little over a cup of sharp cheddar cheese, as well as some Colby Monterrey jack cheese. Then I realized I hadn't put the onion/taco seasoning mix in so I put that on top of the cheese. Then mixed it up a bit and put more cheddar cheese on top. I used a little less than 1 cup of milk, and 3 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce. I cooked it in the bottom rack of the oven for about 20 minutes! Took it out and it was great! DH loved it, I thought it was yummy but next time I will use a little less taco seasoning. We also topped with sour cream :) Thanks for the great recipe!

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CassieMo March 20, 2010

I am giving this three stars because the cooking time is more like an hour- the center does not cook unless the pie is on the bottom rack which I did after the 40 minutes. The 400 degrees overcooked the top of the pie. I decreased the amount of milk to 1 cup, added one more tablespoon of worcestershire to make 3 total. Also I would recommend the deep dish crust. I sauteed onion and added extra garlic with the hamburg along with red pepper flakes, sage, paprika, fresh basil, salt and pepper, 1/4 cup of tomato sauce, chopped broccoli, mushroom, and sundried tomato. It tasted great after it finally cooked. I would also recommend beating th milk/egg mix until they become foamy so the texture of the pie is more firm. Next time, I will bake the crust for 10 minutes before filling as it was too soft on the bottom.

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kellid26 November 24, 2009

I hate to leave a poor review, but this just didn't turn out for us. The middle never actually set up even after almost an hour in the oven. I finally had to take it out because the crust edges were burning. We tried a couple of bites but just couldn't eat it as the center was a milky, floury puddle. We were all disappointed because the recipe sounded great and the pictures looked delicious. I'm not sure what could have gone wrong, but this one just didn't work.

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Krich March 11, 2009

I've been making this recipie for the last 15 years. The recipie came from a book Cooking with a Food Processor by General Electric. I add sliced mushrooms.. however you can also add frozen mixed vegetables for variation. I season my hamburger meat as I would my meat loaf or hamburgers...I do add a little more Worcestershire sauce than called for...it gives a more robust flavor....

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nickshakur27 September 12, 2008

I dont know if I really liked this, or if I was just so hungry, but I scarfed this down! It tastes just like a hamburger to me. Next time I think I will mix the cheese/egg mix in with the meat to make it a little less dense, and to add some more flavor to the meat mix. I didnt have a pie crust, and didnt have time to make one, so I used crescent rolls. I Unrolled them, and stretched a little in the pan. I think I will use those for now on when I make this. The buttery crust was really good with the meat mix. All in all, this will probably be on my meal chart in the future.

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paige_kirk September 08, 2008

I can't say I loved this meal, hence the 3 star rating. It was a little to "eggie" for me. Surprisingly, although both my kids and my husband rated it a 3, they did eat it, which is a big bonus! If I could figure out a way to lessen the egg taste, and add more flavor to it, I would consider making it again. Doubtfull I will take the time to do either.

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GoMoGo August 18, 2008

My kids and their friends thank you. (DH and I do too...lol) I made this the other night for dinner when the kids had friends overnight. They all ate this and asked for seconds (which to me is the biggest compliment). I made three pies and that was perfect. I served this was oven fries and brussel sprouts. Thank you for posting, I will be making this on a regular basis.

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mommyoffour June 25, 2008

My family gave this 5 stars. DH and the 3 kids (age 2-12) ate it up and wanted more. I think I would like a little more flavor. I only had cheddar (not sharp), so that would help - swiss might be nice too. I had more that 1/2 lb of ground beef, so I probably should have used a little more salt and pepper. Also, my milk/egg mixture overflowed - I think I would cut back to 1.25 c of milk, and maybe use some 1/2 and 1/2 (I used skim).

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WorkingMom2three June 18, 2008

Very tasty! I don't care for onion but used onion powder, and added some red pepper flakes. Looking forward to leftovers for breakfast!

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loof August 02, 2007
Cheddar Cheesy Meat Pie