Easy Cheesy Lentil & Rice Casserole

Total Time
10 mins
40 mins

After trying several complicated lentil recipes with dissatisfaction, I developed this delicious dish that is also so simple! Even my 3 year old loves it! Great side dish or a yummy vegetarian meal.

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  1. Use a big pot and cook onion in margarine until soft.
  2. In a bowl, stir together bouillon and hot water.
  3. Add lentils, rice, bouillon-water mixture and cold water.
  4. Bring to a boil.
  5. Lower heat, cover and simmer 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  6. Meanwhile, fry both sides of a slice of bread in oil and sprinkle with Italian Seasoning blend.
  7. Cool on rack.
  8. After 25 minutes, rice should be cooked and lentils should be cooked but still firm (not mushy) and there should still be some moisture in the mixture.
  9. Turn stove off and stir 1 cup of the cheese into the mixture until cheese is melted.
  10. Pour mixture into a 9 by 13 pan that has been sprayed with Pam and smooth the top with the back of your spoon.
  11. Sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup of shredded cheese over top.
  12. Crunch up the cooled fried bread with a knife and sprinkle over casserole.
  13. Sprinkle parmesan over casserole.
  14. Bake in preheated 350 oven for 15 minutes or so until cheese is melted.
  15. Let cool slightly before serving.
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This recipe is a keeper here. I made it and my kids all enjoyed it! My 3 yr old and I shared 3 helpings. The following morning my 3 yr old INSISTED on it for breakfast! Now that says something when a lil person will want this over other more "tradional" breakfast foods. Thankyou for posting Sarafish!

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This was a huge hit, both with the adults and the kids, even my baby had some and liked it. It was easy to prepare and I served it with a simple lettuce vinagrette salad for a complete meal.

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This is a womderful cheap and cheerful dish. Inexpensive but very filling. My husband and I eat this with a bit of hot sauce on top. It really gives it more flavor. Thanks!