Hot Reuben Appetizers

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Total Time
15 mins
20 mins
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  1. Mix together and heat in 325 degrees oven for 20 minutes- or heat through in microwave.
  2. Serve with party rye.
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I love reuben's. Try them this way: Very lightly butter (or Margarine) each party rye. Top with (in order) little slice of corned beef Then little slice of swiss cheese. Drain saurkraut and mix just with enough mayo so kraut wont fall off the sandwich. Dot with a little paprika and broil just until cheese is melted and bubbly. My family loves these little open faced sandwiches.

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This was soo good! I had a family party and this dip was the first thing to go. I used corned beef from the from the deli counter instead of the packaged product.

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This was fabulous. It turned out better than I expected. Since I brought it as a guest, I put it in my crockpot and heated it through when I got there. Delicious!!!