Killer Blue Cheese Dressing

Total Time
5 mins
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I found this on TSR way back when they had a message board, and everyone who has tried it loves it. I even get paid sometimes to make it for them!

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  1. Crush garlic clove and dice.
  2. Whisk all spices together in the red wine vinegar; add sour cream, then mayo and then buttermilk.
  3. Then add the crumbled cheese.
  4. Whisk till mixed.
  5. Make sure you leave healthy sized chunks of cheese so your friends get that little surprise. (serving size nutritional value based on 2 TBSP serving).
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You are NOT kidding.. this is a "killer" recipe! My favorite type of dressing and this is the best I have ever tried!!!! Thanks for posting.

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I tried this out yesterday and we all loved it- even the kids. After studying the recipe further I realized that I had left out the Worcestershire sauce and the Tabasco and decided we should try it again made correctly and see if it needs that extra star!

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My husband says this is the best he has ever had. He tried it straight and said "it's alright but then he put it on a salad and said this is awesome. Just a little overpowering I guess. "Not a blue cheese person myself" I will cut down the vinegar by a tsp next time he said the vinegar was a little prominent to him.