Mayo and Cheese Sandwich

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Total Time
3 mins
0 mins

Simple, but great.

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  1. Place cheese on bread.
  2. Spread with mayonnaise, as much as you want, the more the better.
  3. Put other piece of bread on top.
  4. Cut into 4 triangles.
  5. Voila!
  6. A truly yummy, simple sammie.
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Childhood fav! I use Miracle Whip, and it has to be fluffy white wonder bread and medium cheddar. So simple, but so good.

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Nice! I've been enjoying this and other types of cheese/mayo sandwich combos for years now. Thanks for posting.

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Ahhh, these are truely a cheese lovers delight. I've been enjoying these sandwiches for years. Mayonnaise, in my opinon is a must for the spread; following that, the options are many. It's hard to choose really, but I think my favorite way to prepare these is as a toasted cheese sandwich with a nice thick slice of tomato and with slices of avocado added, it's decadent -- my opinion of course.