Tiffany Cellar Cafe's Egg Salad

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

I have been looking for a "different" egg salad for quite some time. I love this one. I also love onions so I add those to mine as the kids think they are allergic.

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  1. With a hand mixer beat together the first 5 ingredients.
  2. By hand stir in the relish and celery, then fold in eggs.
  3. Keep refrigerated till time to use.
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I liked this recipe but fellt that it lacked a little "umph" in flavor. Next time, I might add some salt of garlic salt. I made the recipe with the following changes due to what I had on hand and personal preferences: First, i halved the recipe (only cooking for the hubby and I). I used black pepper instead of white (didn't have any on hand). I didn't use celery because I don't like celery in my egg salad. Also, instead of pickle relish, I used finely chopped dill pickle spears. Tip- I grated the hard boiled eggs on the course side of a cheese grater- works great and makes for a more uniform salad. This recipe tasted full, thick and creamy- the addition of the cream cheese added a nice, background flavor. Good recipe (one I'll probably use again), just needed a little more flavor.

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This was different! Very good! Whipping the cream cheese in the mixer made this egg salad extra light and creamy. I used light mayo, but I think it would be a hit with Miracle Whip as well. My teenage daughter especially loved this. Thanks homegirl for sharing!

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This was really yummy! I was going to make a sandwich, but ended up just eating it all out of the dish. Thanks! Made for Zaar Stars.